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 12/05/2016 - The Malta Maritime Forum was officially set up last October through the registra... ...
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 12/05/2016 - The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport surveyed members regarding th... ...
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The Malta Shortsea Promotion Centre is a non-profit and non-commercial centre that collaborate and co-ordinate its activities with stake-holders in the transport and logistics industry in Malta that have a commercial, business or public interest in the industry and afford a greater and more effective synergy between the stakeholders and industry participants of Malta.

Transport of Malta
Malta Motorways of The Sea
Palumbo Group
Tug Malta
Combined Maritime
GMSC Carmelo Caruana Company Ltd Sullivan Shipping
Palm Shipping Agency Future Focus Express Group
SMS Group Kaless Medsea
CILT Malta Melita Marine Malta Freeport
Maritime Pilots GRTU
Ocean and Sky
Malta Maritime Law Association Malta Dockers Union
Valletta Cruise Port
PT Matic
IST Centre
This project was financed aided
by the European Union
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